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After a short intermission, the digital world is once again facing a major security threat. The so-called Stack Clash vulnerability is threatening major Unix-based OS’s like Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

We have applied to our web hosting platformall the patches that have been released by the affected OS vendors thus far.

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Following the feedback of web developers, we’ve added a new functionality to the Advanced section of the Control Panel – the Python Manager.

The new Python Manager will allow you to edit the current Python version and to enable Python-compatible applications for your projects. Located right next to PHP Settings, it gives you one-click access to various…
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It has been some time since the nightmarish SSL flaws Poxy and Poodle scared Internet users out of their wits, and now the web faces a new security exploit – a Linux kernel flaw bearing the ‘user-friendly’ name “Dirty COW”.

Dirty COW represents a privilege-escalation vulnerability that hackers can exploit and do harm to web servers using any Internet-connected…
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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS solutions available today. As such, it is being used by a very large number of websites on our network.

However, its popularity among users also means that it’s extremely popular amongst hackers as well.

Here are 9 proven tricks to protect your WordPress site from attacks:

1. Choose a strong password…
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