We’ve just added the country-code Top-Level Domain for Greece to the list of registrable extensions.

The .GR ccTLD is open for registration to Greek and foreign entities.

.GR – some history

The .GR domain extension was launched back in 1989. It is administered by GR-Hostmaster – a department of the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for…
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SSL certificates have become a must-have attribute for websites since Google declared secure HTTPS connections a ranking factor and especially since the search engine giant voiced its intention to start flagging all non-HTTPS pages as insecure later in 2017 in a visible-to-the-Chrome-user manner.

The hype around SSLs has made SSL providers reconsider the pricing of certificates so as to…
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After a short intermission, the digital world is once again facing a major security threat. The so-called Stack Clash vulnerability is threatening major Unix-based OS’s like Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

We have applied to our web hosting platformall the patches that have been released by the affected OS vendors thus far.

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The country-code Top-Level Domain for Finland – .FI, has finally arrived on our platform!

Now Finnish customers and individuals, as well as any business entity from around the world that is somehow connected to Finland, can register their own .FI domain name with us.

The history behind the .FI ccTLD

.FI was born back in 1986. The administration…
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The country-code Top-Level Domain for Norway rounds up the list of Scandinavian domain names on our platform.

It follows the recent launch of .FI, which was preceded by the introduction of .DK and the .SE price update.

Now you have the entire arsenal of Scandinavia-related ccTLDs to target the lucrative North European market.

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