The most personal Top-Level Domain – .ME, is now cheaper on our platform at a more attractive price.

The .ME domain name extension adds a captivating individual touch to your online identity and offers endless personal branding opportunities.

Learn more about the significance of the .ME TLD and the latest price update from our post.

.ME domain name…
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Introduced more than 7 years ago on our platform, the .SE TLD has been the top choice for individuals and businesses based in Sweden.

In an effort to make the extension more affordable to registrants, we’ve entered into a partnership that allows us to offer the .SE country-code TLD at a significant discount for good.

Check out our…
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By translating domain names into IP addresses, the Domain Name System (DNS) makes client-server communication possible and is crucial for the operability of the Internet.

Over time, the DNS has yielded vulnerabilities that allow hijackers to sneak into sessions and deceive users into giving their secure details to fake websites, for example.

This has called for the introduction of the…
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Data security is of critical importance to your projects and when you manage an entire server, no compromises can be made.

A high-quality backup service is an indelible part of server security ‘game’, which is why we’ve been making every effort to ensure one for our clients as well.

Аs of today, all Hepsia-managed dedicated server configurations come with 100…
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