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What WnD Solutions Email Marketing is all about

Design Stunning Emails


Design amazing, beautiful and clean emails and newsletters without an ounce of coding knowledge, or import your own HTML if you need a bit more power.

Send & Track the Results


Import contacts from any spreadsheet, website or form. Send campaigns and view the results in real time. We take care of unsubscribers and bounces for you!

The Basics 4 Steps to Success

Add Subscribers

The first and most important step in any successful marketing campaign is to have some people to read it in the first place! And to help you achieve this, we have all the tools you need to obtain some subscribers.


You can Import Contacts straight from any Excel or CSV spreadsheet, you can copy and paste subscribers, you can add subscribers one by one and you can design attractive signup forms to go on your website or print marketing. You can even plug some of the leading CRM systems.

Design a Newsletter

The second step is to create a great looking newsletter or email that will be sent to your subscribers, and we have a number of easy to use options to help you get going.


The Newsletter Ceator enables you to quickly design professional looking. clean, well coded mailshots in no time and with no html or coding skills required. You simply drag and drop content onto the page, edit text and upload images.


For the more advanced users, we have our Classic HTML Editor which enables you to upload straight from Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor.


And we also offer the options to import straight from files, or websites.

Send your Email

The third step is to actually schedule your email to be sent to your subscribers.


You simply pick the newsletter you have designed, choose the subscriber group you would like to send it to and then enter a date and time you would like your campaign sent.


You can even choose to filter the subscribers you send to based on when they joined your list, how old they are, what their last name is, pretty much anything you can think of!

Realtime Success!

Finally, once your campaign has been sent you can see exactly who is reading it, clicking on your links, unsubscribing and much more in real time, as it happens.


You can also share your campaign to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even your own website, and you can download reports about how your campaign performed.