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Whatever size your mailing list, you can send with WnD Solutions Email Marketing for less.


If you are just starting out, we have a "Free Forever" package that enables you to send 12,000 emails out to up to 2,000 contacts for no charge. If you need more, you can signup to one of our monthly "Unlimited" sending packages, or even just buy email credits as you need them with no commitment from our Pay as you go option.

Plan A

Plan B

Plan C


Perfect for Freelancers


Suitable for Startups


For Established Businesses

0 - 1,000 Subscribers

1,001 - 2,000 Subscribers

2,001 - 3,000 Subscribers

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Emails



  • From 0 - 2,500,000 Subscribers
  • Send Unlimited Emails per month

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From €8.86/month

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