KVM Linux VPS Packages

Experience cutting–edge website hosting at an affordable price with the Linux KVM VPS packages from WnD Solutions. We offer top server protection, with at least one complete backup per week. Our servers also offer the best hosting conditions for all of your sites with hardware-assisted CPU allocation and SSD data storage. A selection of OSs is available.

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KVM 1 Package

We're Different

SSD–centered VPS Hosting Options

Improve your site’s efficiency with our SSD–based VPSs
If the KVM 1 package isn’t fit for your sites – take a look at the remainder of our plans
  • 1 1 GB 20 GB 1 TB
  • 1 2 GB 20 GB 2 TB
  • 2 4 GB 80 GB 4 TB
  • 4 8 GB 160 GB 5 TB
  • 6 12 GB 320 GB 6 TB
  • 8 32 GB 480 GB 7 TB

Choose a plan that works for you

  • KVM 1 1
  • KVM 2 2
  • KVM 3 3
  • KVM 4 4
  • KVM 5 5
  • KVM 6 6
CPU Core(s): 1
Disk Space: 20 GB
Monthly Traffic: 1 TB
8.49EUR /Monthly
CPU Core(s): 1
Disk Space: 20 GB
Monthly Traffic: 2 TB
16.99EUR /Monthly
CPU Core(s): 2
Disk Space: 80 GB
Monthly Traffic: 4 TB
33.98EUR /Monthly
CPU Core(s): 4
Disk Space: 160 GB
Monthly Traffic: 5 TB
67.96EUR /Monthly
CPU Core(s): 6
RAM: 12 GB
Disk Space: 320 GB
Monthly Traffic: 6 TB
114.93EUR /Monthly
CPU Core(s): 8
RAM: 32 GB
Disk Space: 480 GB
Monthly Traffic: 7 TB
217.86EUR /Monthly

Additional Server Features


Administration Options

Control Panel Installation

Administration Services

OS Options

Reselling Options

Extra Dedicated IPs


Gain fast access to dedicated server resources

Utilize system resources apportioned to you and only you

The avant-garde virtualization technology employed for the creation of KVM virtual machines permits them to more effectively use the accessible system resources. The KVM technology is baked straight into the kernel of the host server’s Operating System and allows virtual machines to interact directly with the physical machine’s hardware components rather than being forced to pass through an additional virtualization layer for every request. This slashed communication redundancy implies a much faster overall VPS performance. input/output requests can be additionally accelerated through the use of Virtio drivers.

An OS of your choosing

Pick the OS that suits you best

With a KVM-powered virtual server, you will be utterly autonomous from the physical host server OS-wise. The KVM virtualization approach makes it possible for virtual machines to interact directly with the physical machine’s hardware, without having to pass through an additional virtualization layer. That way, with the correct ISO image, you can install any Operating System that is supported by your server

An enterprise-level virtualization

A host OS kernel-based virtual machine virtualization

What the enormous majority of server virtualization methodologies include is a ‘middleman’ between the virtual server and the host server, which deals with resource administration. The fundamental advantage of having a KVM virtual server is that the KVM technology is baked straight into the kernel of the physical host machine’s OS, in other words – supplementary software applications aren’t needed – the virtual server communicates directly with the host. This implies substantially fewer expenses and a lot faster performance.

SSD–centered VPS Hosting Options

SSD–centered VPS Hosting Options

Having an SSD–driven virtual hosting server could be a huge benefit as far as web page optimization is concerned. A web site or an app located on an SSD will stream and operate much faster than a site or an app held on a standard hard disk drive. This is why, all of our Linux KVM VPS packages are pre–loaded with SSD disks.

A Choice of Operating Systems

Please let us know what’s your recommended Linux OS version

You can select from several Operating Systems for your Linux KVM VPS package – Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS.

The Capabilities Your VPS Comes With

All the specifications that you might need for your Linux KVM VPS package in one area

Your Linux KVM VPS package is equipped with a vast group of features for supervising your ever–requiring web presence. You will be given SSD storage space, along with guaranteed CPU and storage resources for running your multi–media websites. In addition, you will have a zero cost dedicated IP address and a group of no cost software tools to start off your very own reseller hosting home business, such as a site marketer account and also a help and support & charging software application installation. Plus, your Linux KVM VPS package is going to be positioned on an all–powerful command server that will guarantee a secure platform for building and maintaining web presence.

Our Service–level Guarantees

24 hours assistance and no startup costs

Your Linux KVM VPS package will be configured in up to an hour just after registration. We don’t charge you any configuration costs, so the fee you find on the site is the final cost for your VPS. We have invested lots of time in creating our own internal network and can now warrant a 99.9% network uptime for your VPS. Should you demand assistance with any of the pre–installed in advance software, you could benefit from our assistance service round–the–clock.

Complete Root/administrator Access to the Server to Your VPS

Maintain every portion of your host

We ensure that you get complete admin connection to your Linux KVM VPS package (with cPanel), to make sure you have 100% control over your machine. You can re–install the default–installed Operating System or re–configure the Apache server. In addition, you could deploy any new software application that you need. In case you require assistance working with your web hosting server, you may try the Installation & Troubleshooting package at any time.

A 99.9% Network Uptime

We deploy the most up–to–date networking equipment

We have been working hard in alliance with the staff at our data centers for us to create a well–performing and secure indoor system. We have cooperated with the best server equipment vendors to guarantee a genuinely healthy system. By reason of this, we can now easily warrant a 99.9% online availability for all Linux KVM VPS packages. This guarantee is legitimate for all Data Centers that we are working with.

No Configuration Charges

No secret taxes. No excess costs.

In general, the Linux KVM VPS packages are a lot more solid than the standard web hosting solutions and are for this reason more pricey. To lower the buying price of a Linux KVM VPS package, we have tried our very best to reduce the setup bills and we will not bill you any VPS installation fees. At the same time, we don’t seek out any other additional costs after your VPS starts off performing. The price level that you view on our web page is the end amount that you’ll be charged per month.

Free–Of–Charge Add–Ons

A totally free dedicated IP address, a domain name merchant account plus much more

Have extra value for your funds. With each Linux KVM VPS package, you will obtain various gratis bonus deals – a dedicated IP address for your webpage; a domain name reseller account – in the event you desire to enter the website hosting or website name reseller industry.

An absolutely free Dedicated IP

One unique free–of–charge dedicated IP with each virtual web hosting server

With each Linux KVM VPS package, you will receive 1 free–of–charge dedicated IP.