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Website Migration

If you have changed web hosting providers, then you already know that this procedure can be pretty aggravating. Here, at WnD Solutions, we will spare you all the hassle – we’ll accomplish the tough task and will move all your files, MySQL databases and emails to your brand–new account.

  • Q: Why should I transfer my website? What does web site migration entail?

    A: The web site migration service that we are offering is free of charge (to a certain extent). We will move your web site(s) to our next–generation cloud hosting platform without you having to do anything. We know from personal experience that swapping web hosting providers can result in lost data and undesirable downtime. That’s why we will accomplish all that for you for free!We have skillful administrators whose sole task is to make certain that your website works precisely as it did on your previous hosting platform. Our administrators are experts in migrating custom–made websites, as well as websites that are based on famous applications like Joomla and WordPress.

  • Q: How much time will it take for my website to be migrated over to your platform?

    A: There are many aspects to bear in mind – the total number of web files, the physical size of the database, the complexity of the web site itself and the present workload of our website migration professionals, etc. Having said that, we do our very best to carry out all website migrations within a 48–hour time window. Less sizeable web sites are transferred faster – typically in under 24 hours.

  • Q: My privacy concerns me. What info do you need to have?

    A: We’ll need the login details for your old web hosting provider’s Control Panel and the web site’s name (domain name).

  • Q: I give you access to sensitive info. How can I be sure that you won’t misuse it?

    A: In order for us to begin the migration of your account, you must first open an account with us. Opening an account with us will require that you to disclose precisely the same details you have given to your present web hosting provider. We’ve also got an extremely rigorous Privacy Policy, which specifies how personal information is tackled.

  • Q: How about downtime? Will my web site be offline?

    A: While we migrate your site, it will be available both in your hosting account with us and in your account with your previous hosting provider. As soon as the migration is finished, we will make certain that everything is functioning correctly and that the integrity of your data is not jeopardized before informing you that the transfer is done. After that, we’ll explain to you how to transfer the domain name over to your hosting account with us and how to change the DNS records.

  • Q: Will my current hosting provider need to provide any information/assistance?

    A: Nope. Apart from your login details for the Control Panel, we will not require anything. We will never touch base with your web hosting provider. They won’t know anything about the migration either.

  • Q: Which hosting platforms do you support?

    A: We support all Linux–driven hosting platforms. Basically, if we can get access to your Control Panel, we’ll be able to transfer your web site.The only platforms that we don’t support are closed–source website management platforms such as Wix, BaseKit, Jimdo, Website Tonight, Four Square, Mr Site, etc.





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