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Why Choose Us

You do not need to switch between hosts from now on. Learn why WnD Solutions may be your very last hosting provider.


Since the datacenter location has a significant effect on the performance of your web site, we permit you to pick from a number of data center facility locations so that you can host your site close to your visitors. We partner with 5 data centers located in the US, in Britain, in Australia, in Finland and in Bulgaria. On the order form, just select your package and then select the datacenter facility that you want and we’ll activate your web hosting account there in no time.

A point & click hosting Control Panel

With your hosting plan, you will get hold of our in-house built hosting Control Panel, which will make managing your Internet presence a breeze. With one click, you will be able to upload a file, to register a domain or to create a new email mailbox account. It's that easy! You will also have access to comprehensive real-time traffic stats.

Manage multiple sites

With us, you will be able to manage multiple websites and e-mailboxes from one location - our proprietary Control Panel. You will be able to register, transfer and renew multiple domain names at the same time, and to manage their settings through an easy-to-handle graphical user interface.

An all-in-one mail management solution

Our all-inclusive Email Manager allows you to set up multiple email mailboxes and to exercise total authority over their settings. You can forward emails, set up auto-response messages and electronic mailing lists and much more. Your mailbox accounts will be shielded against unsolicited bulk messages and computer viruses. You can administer your email boxes via webmail too.

A cloud hosting platform

We have developed a balanced web hosting platform whereby the load is being distributed across multiple hosting servers. Thus, you never risk going offline because of server overload issues and your web sites will be working seamlessly even if we have a problem with any of the hosting servers.

Charge-free website themes

We offer an extensive collection of free-of-charge Joomla and WordPress web site templates that will help you create your new site with just a few mouse clicks. The Joomla website skins are ideal for all kinds of dynamic web sites and even Internet shops, whereas with the WordPress themes you can set up your new professional-looking weblog from scratch within a few minutes.

A round-the-clock client support service

We are available 24x7 to respond to your inquiries and to offer quick support whenever you need it. You can reach us via telephone or via live chat for any pre-sale or general enquiries, or via email or through the web hosting Control Panel-integrated ticketing system for any technical issues. Never hesitate to contact us at any time.

Custom DNS Records

Through the hosting CP, you can update all DNS resource records associated with your domains, including their A records, AAAA records, MX records, CNAME records, TXT records and SRV records. Furthermore, you can easily update the nameservers for a domain and even register custom name servers (for example,

Advanced features

In the hosting CP you will find the Memcached memory object caching system and the Varnish Cache web accelerator, which will speed up your site. NodeJS and InnoDB support is offered too.


We offer a huge range of hosting services, from shared hosting plans to Virtual Private Servers and dedicated web hosting servers. You can start with a small-scale hosting plan and then upgrade to a more powerful hosting platform like a VPS or a dedicated web hosting server.

A charge-free site builder

Our hosting packages feature a point 'n' click site builder, which offers 150+ website templates for your personal or corporate websites. It's remarkably intuitive - just select a web design theme and add your content (images and text). Your new website will be visible online within a few minutes.

Unlimited resources

All our web hosting plans feature unmetered web space and bandwidth, so you can work on your web sites and never worry about exceeding resource allocations. Also, we allow you to park unlimited domain names and to create unmetered sub-domains and FTP accounts.

Custom DNS Records

Through the hosting CP, you can update all DNS resource records associated with your domains, including their A records, AAAA records, MX records, CNAME records, TXT records and SRV records. Furthermore, you can easily update the nameservers for a domain and even register custom name servers (for example,

Total Dedication to Customers’ Needs

What distinguishes us from the bargain-basement web hosts is that we offer knowledgeable, friendly and quick 24/7 customer support through our ticketing system.


Partnership You Can Trust

WnD Solutions collaborates with the innovative and creative UK-based company LiquidNet Ltd. (Registration No. 4654498). As a result of this partnership, more than 21 000 hosting accounts and more than 40 000 domains are being managed or hosted in our joint network.


Know-How and Experience

The development of our own hosting platform during the last four years helped us improve and optimize the services we offer. Our constant researches contributed to the success of a userfriendly control panel we are proud of. Hosting is not a secret science to us.


Reliable Semi-Cluster Technology for Maximum Online Stability

The reliability of our self-developed web hosting platform software is among our priority tasks and we are continuously investing intellectual efforts toward taking it to a full cluster server technology level. Being a step away from the desired final result, we are offering you a semi-cluster based hosting service with many advantages. This technology allows the separate services, such as DNS and e-mail, to be performed on independent servers, which ensures their increased stability. Our platform has proven to be between 5 -10 times better than the one-server hosting platforms in terms of performance, usability and capacity.


Fast & Reliable Network & Servers

We make no compromises with the quality of the hardware and therefore deliver maximum performance of our servers. We utilize very fast, top-quality custom-built servers, which are especially designed for our own in-house built hosting platform and control panel, and all are owned by us. The servers are co-located in one of the best data centers in the United States.


The Best Value For Your Money

During the last four years we have learned that the successful hosting business requires a total lack of compromises with the quality of the offered services. If you want uncompromising website hosting at affordable prices, which offers next-generation technologies, fast servers/connections & 24/7 knowledgeable and friendly customer support, then you’ve come to the right place!


Lots of Great Free Features

Each hosting package comes with the following bonuses: Elefante Free Scripts allow you to easily install a blog, photo album, forum, e-commerce, portal, etc. The Elefante Marketing Tools contain site popularity check, rss feeds and other useful accessories. Our hosting packages also include Site Studio, which is an easy-to-use online website builder with over 140 personal & business templates. It saves your money on web design fees!


Multi-Lingual Control Panel

WnD Solutions Multi-Lingual Control Panel is very easy to work with and is developed in partnership with LiquidNet Ltd. Everything, which you may find useful is described in detail on each page (Help links). More than 60 Video Tutorials have been added for better orientation as well. As of now, our CP supports the following 9 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Portuguese.


Host Multiple Websites (Domains)

Host several websites for the price of one! The majority of the hosting companies make you pay for each hosted domain separately, which leads to a huge bill, especially if you own more domains. Our packages have been designed to encourage those of you who want to host more websites in a single account and for less money!


Possibility to Upgrade to More Advanced Package

You can upgrade your hosting account to a more advanced one any time you want. In this case you will pay only the difference between the price of your current account and that of the advanced one according to the number of the remaining months to the expiration date of the current account.


Our Commitment To You

It is our duty to render your hosting experience the greatest ever. The WnD Solutions staff is committed to make this ambition a reality. We provide you with a stable service, modern technology and prices you can afford, emphasizing that your satisfaction is our number one goal. WnD Solutions strives to achieve these goals, which is why we work very hard.


Affordable Pricing

WnD Solutions has designed its hosting packages to be competitive enough on the global market. You will definitely get more than what you have paid for! Sufficient web resources, multiple domain hosting and many extra features come at a very affordable price. However, cheap would not be the correct description for our service! Therefore, we named it exclusive.


What makes us SPECIAL (The Magic behind)

There is no magic, really… Our success is based only on the several years of hard working and on our constant efforts to get better and go further. As a result, we are happy to be known among our customers as a serious and progressive web hosting provider. So, why wait? Get to know us now!


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